Ministry Network

JAMAN: Joplin Area Ministerial Alliance Network.

We are developing a network to allow our ministry members and other organizations to coordinate our efforts and work together to maximize effectiveness in our community. We are currently using a system called Charity Tracker to develop this network and create a communication system between all network members. This network is open to any organization reaching out to the Joplin area. JAMA membership is not required to be a part of JAMAN.

CharityTracker Overview

CharityTracker is the easiest way for organizations to collaborate, reduce fraud, and focus their resources on people with real needs. Because it is easy to learn and use, agencies have no problem keeping track of who is getting help in the community

Easily search for an existing case(1) or add a new case(2). Look at recently viewed cases(3) or keep track of past searches(4). Keep everyone informed across your network with bulletins(5).


Every person you help is recorded in CharityTracker as a case(1). Within each case you can view all past assistance records(2) and keep track of who’s who in relationship to each case(3).

You and everyone else who views each case can attach notes(4), or alerts(5) that give a heads up to any other agents.

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